About Us

 A little about myself, the person behind Atomic Bullfrog. I started out as a budding artist, always drawing and getting in trouble for drawing all over my classwork at school. I went to art college, and afterwards, worked briefly in the television animation industry as a background color key artist and helping out as a character designer and storyboard cleanup artist when the opportunities arose. After a few seasons, I jumped industries and started working in videogame development when the field was fairly new. I worked on various Sega Genesis games, moving to Sega Saturn and Super NES platforms. When my husband decided to start his own 3d videogame company, I jumped at the chance to learn on 3d computer systems. I guess my claim to fame is coming up with the faked, toon shaded look of Fear Effect on the Sony Playstation. I developed the four main character's look, Hana, Rain, Glas, and Deke. Most of you probably never heard of this game, but it continues to have a small cult following. 

Atomic Bullfrog began as a game development studio which evolved into a t-shirt/clothing merch business to highlight game characters from its past projects. After the owner Stan Liu passed away in 2017, his surviving widow, me, Joan Igawa, took over the business and built Atomic Bullfrog as a thriving t-shirt and clothing studio, branching out from Amazon to Etsy, Redbubble, Tee Public, Zazzle, and now, it's own ecommerce store! I've been on Etsy and Merch by Amazon for about 4 years now and now I feel it's time to build Atomic Bullfrog as a true brand.

Atomic Bullfrog has a variety of designs and niches, ranging from funny, mainstream graphics, to more niche specific designs. Whether you love funny shirts, statement shirts, yami kawaii, or kawaii cute clothing, there's almost everything for everybody. 

I hope you love my designs as much as I loved creating them!