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What Makes a Good T-Shirt? - Atomic Bullfrog

What Makes a Good T-Shirt?

I certainly have my favorites that I use when selling my designs. Not just pricing, popularity, and availability that I choose these shirts. Great quality and fit is also a huge consideration. So what makes a good quality t-shirt?

Forget about those beefy t's back the day--I always hated them, but they were popular and I guess considered unisex. To me, they were thick, heavy, and boxy with an unflattering fit, blech. I look for tees that are not only unisex, but are lightweight, not flimsy, and made from breathable fabric that still keeps its shape. Soft and comfy are priorities in my book too! The shirt has to fit properly--not too clingy and not too loose and boxy.

I unisex tees that are mainly on were chosen because note only do they meet my checklist on quality, comfort, and fit, but they also print well too.

The all over print shirts that I carry are pretty different from the basic, unisex cotton blend tees in the store. They are 100% polyester because sublimation printing is involved in creating them. What is sublimation printing? Basically, it's a process that involves printing the artwork on a special paper, then transferring that image onto the shirt. The ink is then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric, and voila, you have a beautifully, all over printed garment.

Now if you want your beautifully designed t-shirts to last, I suggest you do these things to prevent the print from cracking:

1. Turn your shirts inside out and wash cold on a gentle cycle.

2. Hang dry, or dry on the lowest setting.

Pretty darn simple and this way, you're shirts will last a long time.

I sometimes order sample tees, especially when I'm experimenting with a certain art style, just to see if the print quality will turn out well. I'm particularly happy with the new skull moth hoodie and the sketch-y angel wings design. I loved working with a single color pen and ink style drawing and working with a limited color selection of t-shirts and hoodies makes it easier for me to keep track. The hoodie, by the way, I wear almost on a daily basis not just because of the badass design, but the hoodie itself is super warm and comfy.

                                         Skull Moth Hoodie

I hope this crash course on my preferences on t-shirt quality makes you want to "check out" some of my shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts! 

Much love,


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