Inspiration - About Myself, My Business, My Art

Inspiration - About Myself, My Business, My Art

Hi and welcome to my online shop and blog! Here I will try to post regularly and consistently about art, design, biz stuff and shop news.

Why Asian Inspired Clothing? For one, I'm a fourth generation Japanese American who lived in California all her life. I have family in Hawaii so culturally, that plays a big part of my inspiration for my designs. 

I don't really design for the masses and perhaps that's why I'm not as successful as other people who are in this business. I tend to design around the things that I like, and maybe that's a weakness and a detriment to my business, but seeing a pattern of growth each year tells me that even though it's slow, I'm steadily climbing up the success ladder which is a good sign of progress. 

In the near future, I have a cool little freebie in the works, so stay tuned!

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