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How to Be Kawaii From Attitude to Clothing, Hair and Makeup - Atomic Bullfrog

How to Be Kawaii From Attitude to Clothing, Hair and Makeup

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute! Most fans who live the kawaii lifestyle dress in soft, pastel colors with frilly skirts and big bows. You don't have to be Asian to be kawaii--it's all about attitude! Kawaii girls have very sweet attitudes because to be kawaii is to be adorable. 

You don't need to fit a certain body type in order to be kawaii. Kawaii girls come in all shapes and sizes. It's your sweet, happy personality that makes you kawaii. Culturally in Japan, many girls have this cute, delicate personality.

Don't know where to start? Hello Kitty is the perfect place to begin. Super cute, bright, cheery characters make Hello Kitty so kawaii. Kawaii girls love to carry cute keychains in their super adorable purses. I used to carry Sanrio pencil cases with the cutest pencils and erasers for school. 

As to how to dress, wear pastel colored tops, frilly socks, cute striped stockings and shoes with big bows on them. Hearts, strawberries, teddy bear patterned skirts and tops are a favorite with the kawaii girl. Colorful pins make great accessories to your outfit. Our Konichiwa T-Shirt reflects the cute playfulness with pastel colors, a cute chibi cat and clouds, and a soft colored rainbow. Oversized shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in soft pastel colors also work beautifully to create that kawaii look.

Kawaii girl makeup is usually subtle, with their eyes being accentuated. Sometimes using white eyeline underneath the eyes create the illusion of larger, doe eyes. Mascara or false lashes make the eyes appear even larger and kawaii-like. Think anime girl look! If you don't normally wear makeup, that's ok too because kawaii is an attitude!

For hair, putting it up in pigtails, or braids--the more child-like, the better. A lot of kawaii girls adorn their hair with hairpins in the shape of lollipops, hearts, and bows. If you can afford to, lots of girls and guys dye their hair in cute, pastel colors like pink and lavender. If you have super short hair, that's ok! Many kawaii girls rock the look in cute, short hairstyles.

For kawaii inspiration, look at J-pop and K-pop singers and bands. Social media influencers are also a great inspiration as well. Get ideas for hair, makeup and clothes. Watch anime shows for creative inspiration as well!

Don't just buy things for the sake of being kawaii--but buy them if you absolutely love it. 


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